"Take care of your body, its the only place you have to live"

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One day at at time

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog, needless to say that this is because I have been caught up in life. Life has been very busy of late and taking the time to actually sit with my thoughts has been the last thing from my mind.
But here I am after a crazy few months about to share where things are currently sitting with me.

2011 has been a roller coaster, I can honestly say that there have been some amazing and very rewarding moments, but there have also been some real lows. I don't want to sit here and rant on about the things that challenged who I am, more the fact that I want you to know that we all have shit to deal with in our lives, we all have times where we ask 'why me'. Just because I am strong and live life with a positive attitude doesn't mean that I never get dealt a bad card.

I am currently sitting in a pretty chilled place, after been head down bum up for the past few years I kind of feel that I am now in a place where I can sit back and see the rest of the year out with no pressure. That pressure comes from no one else other than myself, I am a high achiever and I love to set myself huge goals, I love the challenge of stepping out of my comfort zone and making stuff happen. On the flip side of living this way, it also comes at a price, sometimes you lose perspective of what is real and what is actually happening today, in this moment, I feel like I am living on fast forward a lot of the time and don't actually take the time to enjoy each moment as it happens.

A massive life lesson that hit me round the head just recently was to embrace everyone who is special in your life, make sure that you give those that deserve your love and affection exactly that.. It is easy to get so wrapped up in your own head and all the things you have to do, but what really matters are the people that are standing right in front of you. We have to of course love ourselves first and foremost but to actually feel love from others who are on the receiving end of your love is a pretty special thing that we all take for granted a lot of the time.

I set myself some huge goals this year and I was only able to fulfil a few of them, there are a few that I had to let slide. Setting goals and not achieving them is something that hits me pretty hard and gets me down. So what I have learnt from this experience is that sometimes we are not in control of the 'big' picture, we are merely the drivers of our cars and we have to deal with the car crashes along the way. We may not end up on the road that we expected or wanted to be, but there is a reason that we ended up there. You have to look at the positive in any situation, it may be hard but there is a reason for everything and even in those times when you just want to give up or throw in the towel you have to look within and try to find the positive, because it is there, you just need to trust it.

I trust that the future looks bright, I have some amazing opportunities on the horizon, 2012 is going to be a very different year for me, I have a lot of changes that are going to be taking place, a change in career path been one of them. I will remain in the fitness industry but on a different level, lets just say my dream job has landed in my lap:)
As for 2011, well I am all about saying yes, I am going to take the pressure off myself and have some fun.. Every day I wake up blessed for my loved ones, my amazing friends and my family.. I am so fortunate to live a life that is filled with passion and purpose.

I will leave you with this quote I came up with:

What happened yesterday- who cares. What will happen tomorrow- no one knows. What is happening today - life, so lets live it!!!!!

Justine xx

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Detox your mind and you body:)

Have you ever wanted one whole week to yourself to cleanse your mind, your spirit and your body?

I would say and hope that most of you would answer YES to that question.
The human body amazes me, the amount of crap it has to deal with everyday just to keep us "ticking along" is incredible. I am reminded of this every time I go to Thailand to do a cleanse/detox.

I want to share my experience on doing a cleanse because I believe we should all do it at least once in our life time. So many people walk around in denial or oblivious to the fact that their insides are struggling to keep up with the constant work it has to do to try and keep you alive.
Did you know that eating unhealthy food, smoking, drinking, pollution, not washing your veggies to name a few, are all key factors in thickening our blood and making it congested. Toxins from our blood then move into our Lymph fluid because it is less concentrated. This means that you have toxins flowing freely around your body to your lymph nodes, this is how people get sick and a MAJOR cause of cancers.
When you abstain from food the blood starts to thin after 8 hours. Once the blood gets thinner than the lymph fluid, it naturally draws the toxins into the blood stream and the body can begin the process of self healing and elimination.
Many people just don't get it!!!! Why do we work so hard to look great on the outside, why do we pay for cosmetic surgery to look and feel better on the outside and we will willingly neglect the most important part, our internal organs!!!!!

Will your hot bod keep you alive... NO.. It is that simple...

Even the healthiest of people need to be aware that there could be a lot more going on on the inside than you think..
Do you have trouble sleeping?
Do you get tired a lot?
Do you suffer from mild head aches?
Are you always hungry?
You may not want to hear this but you could be harbouring parasites if you answered yes to any of those questions. It is SO common for us to be carrying parasites we don't even know that they are there.. Parasites will take all of your nutrients from the food you are eating. Again if you eat clean this can still occur as they you can get them from the soils that your veggies grow in. You can get them from your pets, from the gym and from drinking water- No one is safe from these buggers!!!

A cleanse/detox process will set you back on the right track and help you overcome any issues you have or may not even know you have.
That is the serious side of a cleanse, I just really want to get the message out to you of the importance and the reason behind needing to do a cleanse. The first step is to really understand that you only have one body and you need to give it an overhaul every once in a while, it is just like taking your car to the mechanic:)

On a detox you can go through all sorts of emotions, they not only cleanse your body but they can also cleanse your mind. If you have emotional baggage ( most of us do ) then this is a place you can escape to and try to conquer what ever it is that is holding you back. These wellness centres offer so much support and many healing services that I can guarantee afterwards, you will walk out of there so much lighter. Every time I do a cleanse I learn something new about myself and always break down barriers that are only holding me back in life.
I suggest that if you decide to do a cleanse that you do it alone. Don't come with your best friend or your partner, it is definitely something you need to do alone. You want to make sure that the only person you need to worry about is you. It is very easy and safe to travel to Thailand and the retreats offer you all the support and help you need. All you need to do is get on the plane, they pick you up at the other end and from that moment you are in their care.

A typical day at a health and wellness center includes Yoga, tai chi, meditation, wellness and health talks, walks, 2 x colema's, a massage of your choice and a thai steam. All of this is included in your programme. They have a gym if you want to work out and they offer fitness classes with a trainer also. I don't use the gym at all while I am there, I am all about resting, this is my time to stop moving and let my body recover.
They also offer all sorts of natural treatments such as spiritual readers, reiki, osteo's, beauty treatments, you name it, they do it! (These are all extras that do cost you)
In your down time you are free to do what you like whether it is go to the beach, go out and have a look around the island (you can hire scooters) or you are free to just laze by the pool and relax. The resorts are so peaceful and really do take you out of your normal head space. The staff are very chilled out and you are free to do as you please.
They give you all your supplements that you have to take everyday along with a schedule so you know what to take and when.
Daily on a full fast they give you:
4 x Physilliym husk shakes
2 x coconut juices
Herbal tea's
Vegetable Broth
All the vitamins and minerals your body needs to get through the day
Plus you have to drink water like no body's business (you feel like you are weeing every 5 mins..lol)
I know it sounds crazy that you can survive on only that, but trust me, you can and you don't even feel hungry. It is all about your mind set. I think we all think about food too much and our whole lives revolve around food and what will I eat next. If you take food out of your head space it gives you some serious time to think about you and life, it is hard to fathom and really is tough at times, but it is so worth it!!

I am not good at stopping life and standing still, I live life on in every sense of the word, but I cant emphasize the importance of allowing yourself time to rest. Rest your mind and rest your body. I can guarantee that when you leave the retreat you will feel like a new person, a new and improved version of yourself.

I hope I have inspired you to take a flying leap do something out of the ordinary.. Take yourself away from the madness and DO IT!! Create the change today that will not only keep you ticking along longer, but it will change your life forever!!!

Visit http://www.atsumihealing.com/ for more info:)


Monday, June 13, 2011


Over training, 14 Warning Signs!

Just how do you know if you are over training?

It's hard to predict over training since everyone's body is different. It is important, however, to vary training through the year and schedule in significant rest time.

There have been several clinical studies done regarding over training.

14 warning signs that you may be over training.

•Washed-out feeling, tired, drained, lack of energy
•Mild leg soreness, general aches and pains
•Pain in muscles and joints
•Sudden drop in performance
•Decreased immunity (increased number of colds, and sore throats)
•Decrease in training capacity / intensity
•Moodiness and irritability
•Loss of enthusiasm for the sport
•Decreased appetite
•Increased incidence of injuries.
•A compulsive need to exercise

People who over train increased their body's cortisol levels and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). DHEA and cortisol are the body's long-acting stress hormones and are antagonistic to each other to some degree.

Normally these hormones are in balance.

They become imbalanced during chronic over training. After proper rest and recovery, the body will reduce its output of cortisol and DHEA to resting levels. This is what happens with short episodes of stress. However, if proper recovery is not obtained such as in chronic over training conditions, the body will continue to make increasingly greater amounts of cortisol, while reducing the amount of DHEA produced.

Elevated Levels of Cortisol Can:
  • Cause you to crave carbohydrates excessively especially in the evening
  • Make you feel fatigued and exhausted
  • Increase cholesterol and triglyceride production
  • Decrease serotonin levels in your brain which can trigger depression.
  • Deplete vital vitamins and minerals the body needs for proper function such as the B (aka, stress vitamins), Calcium and magnesium

    The consequences of elevated cortisol and reduced DHEA can be devastating. Although the effects from high cortisol and low DHEA levels will vary with each individual and will also be dependent upon genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors.

    The Negative Effects May Include:
  • Reduced growth hormone (GH) release, which related to reduced muscle mass and strength, increased fat tissue, a weakened immune system and other health declines.
  • Reduce protein synthesis.
  • Increased protein breakdown, which can lead to muscle loss, bone loss, arthritis, and overall muscle weakness.
  • Immune system compromise with increased risk to infections, certain and disease.
  • Thyroid function impairment resulting in decreased metabolism, and increased fat storage.
  • Glucose utilization and insulin function impairment resulting in higher blood sugar levels.
  • Salt and water are retention, which can raise blood pressure (this can be deadly if anabolic aids which can also raise blood pressure through fluid retention are also used).
Increased blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels increasing the risk for heart disease.
Disrupted sleep patterns.
Reduced R.E.M. (rapid eye movement)
Over training has also shown to cause an increase in the amount of free radicalswithin the body. This can serve to exacerbate the catabolic effects of over training, making symptoms worse.

A sports massage can help you recharge overused muscles.
If you are over training, the first thing you need to do is reduce or stop your exercise and allow a few days of rest.

Drink plenty of fluids, and alter your diet if necessary.

Cross training can help you discover if you are overworking certain muscles and also help you determine if you are just mentally fatigued.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

I wanted to open this blog with that quote. Such powerful words with so much truth to them.

On 1/1/11 at 11:11am I sat on the water front and I set my goals for 2011. I did it at that time because I believe that there is something very symbolic with the number 1 aligning.

As I sat there I knew in my heart that there were going to be some HUGE changes ahead. At that time things were unsettled in my stomach and I knew that I was in for a year of change.
Towards the end of last year I had NO idea which path I was going to take.. Things were very hazy! I wasnt sure if I was going to compete again and I really felt that I had no clear direction of how things were going to pan out.
But as I sat there on the waterfront and wrote down my goals it was like a wave of inspiration and determination came over me.

And here we are in June 2011.. 6 months into what has been one of the most defining years of my life thus far.

It hasnt been any easy trot believe me. A break up, moving twice and the devastating earthquakes threatening my loved ones and ruining my home of Christchurch are just a few of the obstacles that I had to over come. There have also been many more life lessons to do with friends, trust, loyalty and forgiveness. These are all life lessons and obstacles that I believe are defining me and have helped me figure out who I really am and who I am becoming.

I now believe that I am on the right track for my next chapter in this crazy thing called life.
My Les Mills career is on solid ground, I am LOVING all the amazing opportunities that been a Trainer and a presenter for RPM, Body Attack and CX30 have given me so far.
I am going to compete again at the end of the year. I cant wait to get back on the stage, I love everything about the journey and am very excited to have the opportunity to get back up there again, this time looking and feeling better than ever before:)

I have an amazing man in my life, one who was my friend through all of the tough times and after the storm had past he was the one solid person left standing there with his arms open wide. He has taught me so much and I cant thank him enough. I feel so blessed to have him in my life, I know that we will achieve amazing things in our life together.

I am at a point right now where it really is all coming together and all my hard work and dedication is paying off. The future excites me more than I can say in words. To do what you LOVE and get recognition for it is the best.

So as I look back on the goals I set myself for 2011 I know I am definitely heading on the right path. This year has made me believe in destiny and to have faith in that everything really does happen for a reason.

Believe in who you are and most importantly trust your gut, don't be afraid of the hardships as they are only cracks in the road on your journey to greatness.

Juzy xx

Sunday, May 15, 2011

STOP counting calories.. They are actually GOOD for you!!

I was out at dinner with a good friend last night and I started to think as I was eating my dinner about the amount of girls that ask me about calories and how many calories they need to eat each day to be healthy!

Too many women are obsessed with the amount of calories they consume. It is OK to be mindful of what you eat, but it is also dangerous to become obsessed with the dreaded calorie counting!!!

I for one, have never been one to count the amount of calories I am eating. When I am in preparation for a competition I weigh my food and of course I am much more diligent with my portion size as it is crucial to have the right amount of nutrients at certain times during the day. But I am always giving my body the right food at the right time, especially for the amount of training that I am doing.

I know for a fact there are girls out there who will consume a large (but, healthy) dish and then straight afterwards they feel guilty that they have gone over their quota of calories for the day. They go on to think... "Ugh, this has 300 calories in it, I will have to train these off right away"!

Food has to be thought of as something delicious, something we need for energy. If you are a active, healthy women then you need fuel for your muscles, you need calories to survive!

Too many women these days think of calories as something that will in turn make them fat. We count calories, analyze calories, and curse calories, wrongly believing that they are evil and will pack on the pounds.

It can become so obsessive that it will take over your life.. It is extremely unhealthy and you run the risk gaining weight because you aren't eating enough, so your body will hold onto everything it can, also drastically slowing down your metabolism.

All of you out there who can relate to what I am saying and have adapted that 'calories are evil' need to think of it like this...

"You need to start looking at calories as fuel, rather than something that will make you gain weight."
Yes, many of us know deep down calories provide energy and fuel, but we never take a second to think about it, and really believe in it.

You run the risk of destroying your body, not to mention your mindset all at the same time!

So take a break from reading the labels on every little thing and start enjoying life and eating because it makes you feel good and provides you with the energy you need to get you through the day.
We read so many diet articles, books and magazines about how we need to "watch our calories, and keep an eye on our portion sizes, but there's never anything about how we need to consume healthy, good, hearty food (yes, with calories-sometimes lots of 'em) to live a healthy lifestyle as an active woman!
Believe it or not, but from lots of reading and research, I found that an average weight 30 to 45 year old woman who exercises regularly needs up to 1800- 2000 calories a day to maintain a healthy weight. And to think most of you out there are probably eating half that!!!
No, I'm not saying dive into everything in sight like french fries, cupcakes, pizza! I'm saying fuel your body with the right foods at the right time! Fuel your body with lean protein and whole grains and you won't need to be counting calories and analyzing what your consuming every friggin' minute.

Us women need to stick together and send out the message that instead of obsessively watching our weight and counting calories in the hope we will remain skinny 24/7, we should instead be concentrating living healthily.

Enjoy life and enjoy good food, life is too short, don't waste it!

Juz xx

Monday, March 14, 2011

Life with its up's and downs!

Wow, what a few months it has been.. Some ultra highs tied in with some massive lows.

My whole world kinda shifted in the new year when I decided to take a leap of faith. As hard as it was I decided to break out of the relationship I was in and fall on my own 2 feet.
Break ups are always tough but I am a true believer in 'everything happens for a reason'. My experience in that relationship has made me stronger and a lot more aware of my inner voice. The one that I have now learnt to always trust and follow.
Sometimes 2 people just aren't meant to be together and the more you try the more you realise it's just not going to work.

Transitional phases are never easy as you are moving through them but once you come out the other side you realise why you had to go through it all. I am now more focused and more determined to do all I have ever desired. I have cleared all the negative people out of my life and I am moving forward with new and exciting beginnings.
I am now only ever going to surround myself with loving and supportive people, people who are true to me and my journey.

Life is about surrounding yourself with people that can make your own light shine brighter. Don't ever let anyone dim your light!

So here I am in my new home feeling very positive about where things are heading. My life is definitely on it's right course now and I am excited for the opportunities that are already falling in front of me.

I feel blessed everyday to be living out my dreams and to have my loved ones safe. There is so much tragedy in the world right now and a alot of people are suffering. My prayers are with them all constantly and I wish there was more I could do.

I am living everyday to the fullest and filling my life with love. Love for my family, love for my friends, love for living my life with purpose and passion. You really don't know what is going to happen so all you can do is live everyday like it's your last..

I don't have time for negative people and I definitely don't have time for whinging. Be happy with what you have because just like that it can be taken away from you!

Here is to a bright future. I hope you are all happy and healthy..

Juz xx


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Your destiny depends on the direction you set for yourself. If you consciously choose the path you want to follow, you'll be less likely to give your power away to other people, situations and circumstances. And you'll be more likely to rise above past conditioning and limiting beliefs.

We each have the ability to create a new reality for ourselves. One filled with an array of possibilities. When we listen to our heart and soul for direction, we enjoy every step of the journey. If we follow the lead of our logical mind, or worse yet, the logic of others, we risk getting sidetracked, stuck, or repeating old patterns.

We are the source of our joy and our sorrow, our ease and our struggle. It is up to us to determine what we want to experience and what direction will lead us there.

Insights on Direction

What determines your direction? Does your family, friends, trends, or the general public decide for you? Does your logical mind plan every step you take, or do you listen to the whispering of your soul and the longings of your heart? How much do you trust yourself?

What direction are you going? If you carry on in the same direction, where will you most likely end up? Reflect over the different areas of your life. Are you waiting for such and such to happen before you change direction? What are you tolerating in the process?

What direction do you want to go? What do you want to experience in your life in terms of your health, relationships, finances, career, personal growth, spirituality, creativity, and other important areas? Is there an overall theme within the direction you want, such as ease, freedom, abundance, balance?

Inspiration on Direction

~ Reflect over the areas of your life you are happy and content with. What led you in this direction? Was it your logical mind or were you more influenced by your passion, intuition, an inner urging, or a synchronistic event? What supports you to stay on this path? Is it trust, patience, appreciation, persistence, faith? Imagine bringing these qualities to all the areas of your life and all the decisions you make. Would your direction change?

~ Reflect over the areas of your life you are not satisfied with. What led you here? Who or what influenced your direction? Did past conditioning, old programming or limiting beliefs play a role? Know that all of this is in the past and you can choose a new direction starting right now. Write down or visualize where you want to go. Choose a new path to follow.

~ Listen to your heart and soul for direction. Trust your higher self to see the bigger picture and lead you in the best direction. Take time each day to get out of your head and settle into your body. From there, connect with your heart. Close your eyes and place a hand over your heart and ask what it wants for you today. Then go deeper into your soul and ask for guidance from your higher self. Listen to your intuition for what steps to take next.